Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Design and Domain Name

I decided to get serious about this whole blogging thing. I really enjoy it and wanted to make my blog more professional. I have had a few of my articles, particularly the ones about college tips and organization, featured in some posts that have received a lot of page views. Because of this I have a lot of people looking at my blog once or twice and never come back. I think it is because I am not putting out content often enough and I need to do that. I have a plan and I am going to stick to it. I know November gets crazy with the Holidays but I really want to be better about updating my page. Part of this new motivation was getting a domain name, so I took the plunge and paid the fee for a .com address. Really the blog has paid for the fee itself already but I feel like when you have a .com address its easier to take you seriously vs a address.
 Another thing I did was change up the design of my blog for a more professional look. I love that people are so talented and are great with HTML codes so that they can help me out in getting a look I really want and can enjoy. I designed my last blog template all on my own and it takes a lot of work so this time I sought out some outside help and it made a lot of difference. I hope you enjoy the new look.
 Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoying the blog. Please comment if you have any ideas of posts you may want to see in the coming future.

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