Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why I have chosen to be LDS (Mormon)

Being LDS in this day and age is a hard thing. Being Christian in this day and age is a hard thing. It's sad to say but unfortunately true. I wasn't going to share a post about how I feel about being apart of the LDS church because for me it's one of the most personal and sacred things I hold dear to my heart. It's hard when something you hold so dear is misunderstood but I decided it is time for me to share why it really is so important to me.
Often times I wonder if it would be truly easier to be in a different religion. I wonder and think about it and then the thought leaves as quickly as it came because I know this is something I want for my life.
Even though it's difficult to go, I know this is the right path for me. I want to be there because I have chosen to live this lifestyle.
The reason why I live this lifestyle:

This is why I have chosen to be LDS. My Family. When Zack and I got married they didn't say until death do you part, they said for Time and all Eternity. That was the best day of my life. BDE best day ever!!! Now that our little Claire is less then 7 weeks away from joining our family I am even more grateful for that day because I get to have her forever too. Being LDS is hard, it's hard following a lifestyle that is so different from the majority of the world around us, it's hard but it's also amazing and wonderful.  
God loves each and every one of us, whether you are LDS or not. I know that to be true, even if you don't believe in Him, He loves you anyway. He wants you to be happy. Another great lesson that I have learned is that what is important to you is important to Him. He will help you find a way to get what is important to you because He does want you to be happy. Whatever your path is that leads you to your own happiness God will be there to support and love you because He always does. 
My family is the reason why I have chosen to be LDS because I want to be with them forever. I want this happiness to never end and I know that with the gospel it wont. For me this is the path that makes me the best version of myself and that is why I want to stay on it, even though the road ahead is going to get crazy I know that it will bring me peace and joy and love. 
More baby updates will come later, sorry I haven't posted much about the baby but she is doing great!

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