Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pregnancy Updates: Week 23

I can't believe we are over halfway through this pregnancy! Each day brings new surprises and a new found love for this growing family of mine. Right now I am 23 weeks! The baby is the size of a papaya and has finally reached the 1lb mark. I think that is true because at our 20 week Anatomy scan the ultrasound tech said the baby was measuring at 13 oz. So in 3 weeks the baby could easily get to 1lb. At our 20 week ultrasound we found out we are expecting a girl!!
I am so thrilled for a girl, I would have been just as excited for a boy, but I really wanted a baby girl so I am just so excited. I used this picture to announce her gender on Facebook:

It's so true, she already is the favorite of everyone and she hasn't even arrived yet! I can't wait for September to get here. At the ultrasound we got some pretty clear pictures and she is definitely 100% a girl, no questions about that! I wont post any of those pictures up, but look at this cute little profile pic, her baby nose just looks so adorable:

 I just stare at it all day. I even put it as my phone background for now because I just love it so much! 
I have felt her kick every day since week 20. I first felt her move at week 18, it was more like she was swimming around at that point. Now I feel her kick all the time, she even is kicking a little bit as I am writing this post! It's such a fun feeling and I love being reminded that there is life inside there, just growing and getting stronger with each passing day. 

I have been feeling a lot better, I do throw up on a occasion, but not every day now like it was during the first trimester. It was just really bad during that first trimester. I was sick constantly and couldn't really keep up with any housework, now I am doing much better and I am back to my regular activities. I feel like I am my old self again which is great. 

We have several names picked out but our number one name right now is Claire Rachel Holladay. Zack picked out the name Claire and I just love it. Rachel is after my sister, and my great great grandma, so that is fun. We want to have all of our kids have family names. Zack doesn't want to commit to Claire just yet, he wants to see her first to make sure that is her name. The other name we really like is Lucile Rose Holladay (yes spelled with one L).  At this point we are 99% sure her name is going to be Claire. We have planned on that from the beginning, before we even got pregnant but I guess it is a good idea to wait and see her face to make sure it actually is her name. 

I am officially wearing maternity pants now as my regular ones wont fit and I have a very clear baby bump as well. Its fun experiencing all these changes. Zack is just the cutest dad already. At night he always rubs my belly and talks to her, she kicks a lot at night but when Zack touches my belly she kind of stops kicking for a while. I have a feeling she knows who he is. We are so excited to be parents. At the beginning of the pregnancy we both picked up brand new copies of the Book of Mormon, we read through them and find insights that will help us to be better parents. It's been a fun new way to  look at the scriptures and let me tell you there is a lot of really good advice in the Book of Mormon on parenting. 

Well that's it for now

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  1. That is so exciting! Waiting for a name is not bad. EV was define it's her name for the beginning, it really fit , she said that's my name. L was a little harder I looked at names for weeks until I settled on her name.