Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zack's Job

Hey all! So sorry I haven't been posting the last Wednesday, Friday and Monday. I have been really sick with this horrible cold this week. I finally went to work all day today and have somewhat of a normal energy level back. Here is what has been going on lately.

Sorry for the horrible quality on this photo. The lighting is way off. I figured I should do an update on my Zack. He is still working at Wasatch Electric and he loves it. Seriously he loves his job. It's great! He has been working a ton of overtime lately and yesterday he worked a 15 hour shift, just because he could. Crazy! I don't really know what he does at his job except that it has something to do with fiber and internet cables, and going into roofs and being in man holes inside walls... Sounds interesting. For his job he gets the opportunity to work on temples for the LDS church. (Find more about Temples HERE). In order to go inside a dedicated temple and work like Zack does you have to have gone inside a temple before and hold a temple recommend. Not all of the people at Zack's work are LDS so it provides him with a lot of opportunity to go to many different temples. He has been to the following temples:

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Temple

Asuncion, Paraguay Temple

Panama City, Panama Temple

Adelaide, Australia Temple

Melbourne, Australia Temple

 Madrid, Spain Temple

Edmonton, Alberta Canada Temple

Cardston, Alberta Canada Temple

Washington D.C., USA temple

Houston, Texas USA Temple

Denver, Colorado USA Temple

I didn't realize how many he'd actually been to with his job until I made this post but its really exciting that he gets to go to all these places. The best part is that his company pays for the trip (of course since he's working), his hotel room, and gives him per diem money for food. On the list for next year are the following temples. 

Laie, Hawaii Temple

Suva, Fiji Temple

Papeete, Tahiti Temple

I am secretly hoping he gets to go to Tahiti. I would totally go with him hands down! We would just have to pay for my flight over there and my food, and trips/souvenirs. The great thing is that when he flies he keeps his miles so he has a ton that could help cover for my flight lowering the expense even more. I am hoping I get to go with him no matter where he goes really, any vacation is fun. 

Well sorry this wasn't much of a catch up post. I will talk more about the rest of the week/month next time. Once I got started talking about the temples I decided it would probably be a good idea to document all the temples Zack has worked at for future reference and so I can see all these beautiful buildings. 

To find out what happens inside temples go HERE. To find out why the LDS faith builds and uses temples go HERE. To see the structure of the inside of temples go HERE. And to see a new video the LDS church released about Temple Clothing go HERE

Thanks for reading. 

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