Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Inside my Erin Condren Life Planner 2014

Hey all! So I am going to do an inside view of my planner from this past year, all of these photos are from my instagram feed which you can follow me on here. I post a lot of planner related pictures which I wont always add here on my blog.

One of the first pictures I posted of a weekly spread (sorry its so pix-elated, actually a lot of these photos are pretty blurry I am going to work on that!) I was actually using a color code during this time, light purple was meals, pink was blog posts, blue was work, magenta was personal to-dos, Orange was bills. I used one sticker on this page and that was to indicate a pay day. It's interesting to look back in these early months and see how I have progressed, kind of fun. 

Monthly view for October. I use this for bills as you can see, I put them on the sticky notes and then when the bill is due I just move it over to the right of the monthly view in the notes section. That way I know what bill has been paid and what hasn't. I also keep track of my paydays and Zack's paydays so I know when money is coming in as well. Because I mainly use this for a bill tracker I decorate it all the time with stickers and washi tape. I got the candy corn washi tape from Target, and the Halloween stickers from Target and Michaels.

Here I started doing the one color pen per week because the color coding just became to much. I was keeping track of blog posts, meals, my momma's birthday, and other things. It's simple but the stickers added some fun to it. 

Here I tried something completely new and went with a Pilot G2 pen and just decided to write everything down in my brain that I thought of, which as you can tell was a lot. I wrote every detail down and I found that this type of method really does help me a lot. and I highly recommend the Pilot G2 pen. Also the only stickers I included this week were for functional purposes, so the workout stickers for workouts and the clean house sticker to mark a time when I needed to clean. 

Here I started to really get into decorating more. I put in an inspirational scripture from the Book of Mormon. Again the stickers are functional, a laundry machine for laundry, a clean house sticker, and a workout sticker.

Such a fun Christmas spread I did. I used the blue flags at the top to mark workouts. I used the hot cocoa sticker to say I needed to take a moment and sip some hot cocoa. A $ sticker for bills ( I wrote out what bills to pay that day in the square). A shopping sticker to indicate I needed to go grocery shopping. A nail polish sticker to change my nail polish. A temple sticker because I went to the temple. A popcorn sticker for date night for Zack and I. An actual date night sticker for an official out of the house date we were having. I really got into the functional stickers here. 

Again all the functional stickers, I love decorating the side page and just using a project life card as a to do list because it has more room.

Other side of that spread, it was super cute and fun. Many people ask why I decorate my planner this way, for me it just makes it really fun and really makes me want to open my planner and use it. I know this works for me because I have used my planner everyday for the last 6 months, I definitely have gotten my money's worth out of it.

And from this week in my planner, another scripture reminding me to trust Christ because He has been through it all.

There you have it, I will probably do a post like this once a month so you can see the inside of my planner often.

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