Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

Sorry about last week, it was a little crazy and I wasn't able to get a third blog post up. On Friday I worked a double shift at work and ended up staying until 8:00 pm, by the time I got home blogging was the last thing on my mind so this week you will get an extra post! Today I am posting my Christmas wishlist, on this list I have items that are $5.00 up to $170.00, so if you are looking to get me a gift, or anyone else a gift within this price range this is for you.

1. Maurices Sweater Dress found HERE $54.00: I would love to get a great holiday sweater dress, pair this with leggings, a red scarf, and boots and you are good to go for any party. This would be a perfect all around gift.

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette found HERE $58.00: A total luxury item that I would absolutely adore. I have other hourglass powders and I love them. I know I would wear these colors all the time and any beauty lover would enjoy these.

3 & 4. Where Beauty Lies and Beneath the Glitter found Here $14.54 & $7.50: I would need the hardcover versions because I am a book collector. I love books and I love reading. These books are probably full of fluff and nonsensical jargon which will totally melt my brain but I think they would be a fun read. The authors have YouTube channels which I have watched on occasion. Again a great gift for beauty lovers.

5. A nice pair of black tights from Target found HERE $5.00 - $6.00. Tights are a great addition to any outfit in the winter time and I know that I would get a lot of use out of these during the colder months. Especially on Sundays for church.

6. Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette found HERE $54.00: This is a great purchase. It includes mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, 6 eye shadows, a blush and a bronzer. This is great value for your money and perfect for traveling, you can get an entire look with this one palette. It's very versatile and makes a great gift for beauty lovers.

7. Harry Potter hardcover box set found HERE  $117.00:  A total splurge item but I would love to own the entire set. I will forever love Harry Potter, the first book was published in 1998 when I was 10 and the last book was published in 2007 when I was 19.  The books are an iconic part of my childhood and I would love to get a set.

8 & 9. This blouse and sequin shirt can be found HERE for $78.00: The cutest outfit ever and Maurices is one of my favorite stores. I feel that I could wear this all winter long, that sequin skirt is to die for, I'm in love.

10. Girl Online. This book can be found HERE for $11.12. Another book written by a You Tuber but I heard that it's really good. It seems like a cute plot line and a light fun read. I would love to get this.

11. Slippers. These are ugg slippers and I don't necessarily need these ones I just need slippers. I would love cute ones that are also functional, cozy and warm.

12. Hot Cocoa Mug. Found HERE at Target for $24.99. I love Hot Cocoa. I have an entire pin board on Pinterest dedicated to hot cocoa. These mugs are so cute and would just make me smile.

13. Malm bed frame from Ikea found HERE for $179.99. I am going to start to update my master bedroom little by little and this would be the first start. I really like this bed frame and I could work a lot of great designs into the room with a piece like this.

There you have it, my wishlist for this year. Hopefully you got some great ideas for other people in your life. This post was just for fun and if I don't get anything from this list I wont be disappointed at all, besides Christmas isn't about just the gifts.

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