Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whats in my Bag!

I love watching these videos on YouTube and reading blog posts about them. I don't know what it is about it, probably because I am nosy and like to know what other people carry with them. 

The reason for this post is because I am switching up my bags right now. I do this about every two months, I just get sick of using a particular bag after a while and I want to change it out. Up until this point I was using the above bag all the time. I love this bag! Its awesome. Its by Mark New York and I got it at Ross for about $45.00, which was a steal because I know this bag usually is about $200.00. Yay for a good find at Ross. I used this bag for about 3 months so it was worth my money. I figure if I spent $1.00 a day using the bag and I used it for 3 months, that means I surpassed my goal of using it at least 45 times to get my money worth. Anyway lets check it out. 

This is the inside of the above bag, everything fit nicely with extra room left over. 
The first thing in there is obviously my planner: 

It's an Erin Condren Life Planner which I have talked about here on my blog a bunch of times. If you are interested in purchasing one click this link HERE and sign up, once you do you receive a $10.00 off code to your email so that you can get your first order a little cheaper. 

The next thing is this pencil case from Staples. 

I got this last year and it holds my feminine products, you know for that time when Aunt Flow comes to visit. 
Next is this glasses case from Target:

This holds my glasses. I recently had to get some for driving at night and watching movies later during the day. I noticed my eyes were getting worse and worse over time and I am so glad I went into the doctor, these help me see great at night. During the day I don't have to wear them which is good. 
Next up is my wallet:

Its a Kate Spade Wellesley wallet, and I love it. It serves as a finance tracker as well/has extra note pages in the rings so that I can jot down notes without having to pull out my planner. 

Here are all the card slots that it comes with, I just love using it for a wallet. 
Next I have some lip products and a library card and a random Harry Potter charm from Etsy that was on my planner. 

This lip gloss is NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu. It's basically a MLBB (My lips but better) shade and it's perfect for days I forget to put lip products on. And the egg shaped thing is an EOS lip balm in sweet mint, my favorite. In fact I'm going to pause for a minute and put some on. It feels so good on my lips and its important to keep them moisturized during these dry months. 

My library card, also did you know that most libraries offer an online system so you can check out books and read them on your iPad/Kindle etc. Make sure and check out your local library so you can take advantage of that awesome feature. 

Everything that is in my bag on a daily basis:

My new bag. This is from and it's from Belinda Selene's collection. She is a YouTuber and I love her videos and I love this bag, it was totally worth it. 

Here is the inside, and everything fit nicely, I was actually surprised. I was worried that the glasses case wouldn't fit but it does and it doesn't make it look bulky from the side. In the front pocket I have my phone in there. 




There you have it. Hope you liked this post and let me know what you carry in your bag. 

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