Friday, November 21, 2014

The Perfect Palette Tag

This tag came out in the YouTube world last year around this time and I love it. I love talking about palettes because eye shadows are my number one all time favorite makeup product. I just love eye shadows. This tag has 8 different questions and all to do with your favorite eye shadow palettes.

1) Best Packaging

It looks like a candy wrapper. The Two Faced Chocolate Bar palette. 

Seriously this has the cutest packaging. Not only does it look like chocolate it also smells like chocolate. Seriously, Too Faced wins on this one. All around it is a great palette and I highly recommend it.

2) Best Color Payoff

The Lorac Pro palettes, both 1 & 2 have great color pay off. The Lorac Pro 1 palette is the dark one, and the gray one is the number 2. I love these palettes, they are so pigmented, buttery and have the BEST color payoff of all my palettes, hands down. 

The color on the left is Rose from the Lorac Pro 2 palette and the one on the right is Garnet from the Lorac Pro palette, both beautiful and so pigmented. 

3) Most versatile 

Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. The original Naked palette. This palette you guys... I can't even. 

I love this. It's most versatile because you can pair it with so many different eye shadow bases (elf smudge pots, maybelline color tattoos) or eye shadow pigments (makeup geek, mac,) and this palette will turn it into a beautiful look for you. My favorite color in this palette is Sin. But secretly I love all of these colors. If you are a beginner with makeup and want to start getting into high end, purchase this palette. You wont regret it. 

4) Best for Traveling

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Amazonian Clay Palette. 

I chose this palette mostly because of its size. But also because it includes a blush, bronzer, and highlighter. 

With all three of those in addition to the six eye shadows I can get a lot of looks out of this. When we go to St. George for the weekend this is my go to travel palette and I am so happy with this purchase. 

Honorary mentions for best for travel the naked basics 1 and 2

These have great color payoff, are all matte and are compact. They are so small they wont take up any room in your makeup bag. 

The colors are also pretty neutral which makes it great to create versatile everyday looks you can wear with any outfit or for any activity. 

5) Biggest Regret 

Coastal Scents 28 neutral eye palette. I thought this would provide a good base start for shadows but really the formula of this product is so scratchy to me. Is that possible? Can an eyeshadow be scratchy? Yes I think it can. 

Great neutral colors. Just not for me. 

6) Best color names

Also could be used for best packaging, but the Cinderella palette by Sephora. This came out last year I believe but I just love the names. 

pumpkin coach, ball gown, glass slipper, fairy godmother 

jaq, gus gus, charming, midnight, cinders. I just love all these names. 

7) Least Used. 

This palette could also go into best names because I love the names of this palette, however one of the blushes broke and it got everywhere, as you can see. This makes me not want to use this palette as much but the names, so awesome. 

8) Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island

If I was stuck on a desert island I would definitely want to have my custom made Zpalettes with Makeup Geek eye shadows in them. I love MakeupGeek eye shadows. They are so pigmented, creamy, high high quality (yes I even compared them to my MAC shadows I own and these surpass them by far), and they are cheap. They are 5.99 for a shadow, where MAC shadows are 10.99 for a shadow. You get better quality for less money, yes please. I almost have every single color. I am missing about 6 of the really bright colors but of the ones I have I love them. 

This is my neutral palette, all beautiful shades. 

This is my more colorful palette on days I want to add something fun to my look. 

So there you have it, my favorite eye shadow palettes. What are some of yours? 

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