Friday, November 28, 2014

Holladay Family Christmas Traditions

Hello everyone-
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and got to spend time with your family. We were blessed to spend time at my aunts house and it was really fun seeing all my cousins, especially Taran who just got home from his mission this week!
For this post I wanted to share mine and Zack's favorite holiday traditions.

This is our Christmas Tree, I just barely finished putting it up 10 minutes ago, I love it so much, makes me happy.
1. Our first tradition is to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. If Zack works then I just put it up by myself, otherwise he'll help me when he is home. Today I just put it up myself and I enjoy taking the time to do this. After we put up the tree we watch The Santa Clause, which has been a tradition of mine since I was little. I love watching that movie with Zack, cuddled up with hot cocoa and the ambiance of Christmas lights.
2. Thanksgiving point lights. We go see these lights every year and afterward we like to stop in at the cafe and have a peppermint hot cocoa shake, they are so yummy. If you live in Utah County and you are looking for a fun tradition go see the lights, its a great time!
3, For gifts we like to buy one surprise gift for each other, something that is on our list but that the other person has no idea that you are going to buy it. I love picking out the perfect gift for Zack and it usually takes me a while, this year I already know what I am getting him and I can't wait!
4. Lights at temple square. We went last year with Zack's side of the family and we will most likely go again this year, I love seeing the lights and being there with family. Christmas is so magical and I love this time of year!
5. Work Christmas Parties. This year Zack and I will be going to both his work party and to my work party. His is at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City and I am excited to go down into that area and see the people he works with. My work party hasn't been planned yet and I am in charge of picking the venue. I have a few ideas of where we could go but we'll have to see what the team wants to do.
6. Family time, we love spending time with family for dinner and other events and this month is already getting booked up with parties. I can't wait!

Some traditions I want to add:
Riverwood Shops
Carriage ride in Salt Lake
Make a Ginger Bread House
Ornament Exchange
City lights
Christmas Classic movies (watch all the classics I loved as a kid)

What are your family traditions leading up to Christmas? I would love to hear about them.

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