Friday, November 14, 2014

Erin Condren Life Planner: Interchangeable Covers

You guys all know I am in love with my planner. I did an entire post about it HERE and HERE. I still use mine on a daily basis. Today I left mine home and I was not a happy camper. It has all my information in it for work, and home life. I love that I have found a system that finally works for me. I am going to do an updated Erin Condren Planner post in December on how I use it and I will also talk about the supplies I use on a daily basis. All my supplies have become an addiction #planneraddict and I love to share about it with others.

I tried to get all my covers into one photo and as you can see I failed. I have 9 covers and I just ordered 2 more today! They are such a fun addiction. What I love about it is that I often get bored with my planner cover, so its nice to be able to change it out and it feels like I suddenly have an entirely new planner. It keeps me motivated to use it and I must say I have used it every single day since I bought the planner so to me it is very worth the money. I know they are expensive, luckily for me my birthday is in January so I'm able to get one for my birthday every year and its the best gift ever!

How interchangeable covers work. Basically they punched holes into the cover and added slits so that you can take off the old one and put the new one on. Erin herself has done a video about it and I will link that here:

It really is so easy to change them out and in and I warn you it can be an addiction. However I have gotten most of mine at a discounted price, she had a sale in October for a Free Cover so I was able to get one free then. I also had a couple of coupon codes from previous purchases that were unique to me because customer service made a mistake on one of my orders. Then recently I got a $25.00 off coupon for placing my 5th order with the company so I got 2 more covers, why not! I love it and I get my moneys worth because I can use them year after year. I don't put the 2014 date on them, just my name as you see above and as long as the covers are holding up I am able to have them last a while.

Two of the covers you see above are from etsy shops that make covers for the life planner. We'll get to that in a minute. Here is a close up of all the covers I own now.

This one is the gold edition that came with my planner in the color spearmint.
The striped one with the gold bow is a cover I made myself and then uploaded it into the picture this cover on the site.
My actual planner cover I have on now is from an etsy shop called Evelyn Lane.

The cover on the left is fleur feliz in the splash pattern, I love this cover with a silver hold it together band, such a pretty combo.
The middle cover is the scales cover in Aquamarine and gold.
The cover on the right is the roses cover in pink, cause I love pink roses those are my absolute favorite of all time.

No we are to my Christmas covers. I love them both!
The first one is from an etsy shop and its called the Nutcracker cover. I have my name and then the saying is "May your days be merry and bright"
The second one with the triangles is called the jolly jester-Christmas cover and its sold at the Erin Condren site, isn't that Christmas tree so cute? I am in love with this one!

And last but not least I have the initial cover, this is in the color aquamarine and I chose it to say Holladay instead of my first name and I love it.

So there you have it, I will of course show you my two other covers I ordered today when they come in but for now I'll keep them a surprise.
Happy Friday!

I forgot something very important! If you would like to receive $10 off your first order with Erin Condren use this referral link:
It will take you to the site where you will sign up, once you are signed up you will receive your coupon code in your email address (it only takes about 15 minutes for the code to appear in your email), you can then use that code for your first purchase.  XO


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