Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 Blog Goals

Lately I have been having a hard time with committing to my blog. I have really wanted to grow it a lot more, I just don't have the desire to work for that next level. This last week I thought a lot about this. I thought about why I started this blog and why I like to keep up with it. I decided that this is really something I want to stick with and something I want to grow. I would love to see what comes of it and I believe that through this blog I can connect to more people than I ever would without it. Already I have seen that happen and I feel successful in that goal.

Today I came up with goals that I have, specific for the blog, that I want to do for the rest of 2014. I have made them doable, nothing crazy, but doable and I believe that these will happen, and since I am posting about it today I am becoming accountable for these goals. 

1) Blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the past I have tried to blog every day and post 5 times a week. This hasn't happened, and I get discouraged, give up and don't post anymore. If I want my blog to grow I am going to need to be consistent with my posts. This one will be hard but I hope to see it help in January of 2015 and see where it takes me. 

2) Plan out blog posts and stick to the plan! I have been trying this lately and it seems to work, as long as I plan out what I want to write about I generally do okay, so I am going to use my Planner to set this up and get it going. I will also share with you the plan of how everything works in January as long as I am consistent until then, hey its only 2 months away so this can work right. 

3) Create a Blog Facebook page. I have noticed that people who have a Blog Facebook page are more successful than I am with their Blog, so I am going to do that as well. It might not happen until Christmas Break when I really have time to set it up but I really do want to be official and have a Facebook page. 

4) Sign up to sponsor someone else's blog. I know this will be one of the best ways to get my blog out there. I have done my research and I have a list of people who I think our blogs would be a good match up. I am going to pick one and see if they will add me to their sponsor list for December, if they do that would be great because I feel like it would get me a lot of readers, however this does have to wait until December to make sure I am consistent with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting. So I have to be consistent. 

5) Write good quality content. I think that most of my previous posts have been just for fun/life sharing articles. Which is fine. I want to have a good mix and by planning out my posts I can create a balance of what I want to write about. Topics will include life updates, makeup/beauty related, recipes, home management, organizational tips, home decor, etc. I have an interest in all of these areas and I feel that my blog can be a place where I share all of those titles. 

There you have it my 2014 Blog Goals for the rest of the year. I hope this will be successful and this is my first post as part of this new setup. I will be posting my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts the night before as easiest for me to stay up late and write. 
Thanks for reading, what are your goals for the rest of the year?

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