Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tips to survive the first week of college

Hi Folks!
I realize its been an entire month since I have blogged. I know, I know. Lets just say a lot has been going on and leave it at that. I am here to share with you some tips on how to best survive the first week of college. I went through enough semesters to know what really works and I am here to share my knowledge with you.
1) Get Organized!
This is so important. Make sure you have your school BINDERS all prepared and ready to go, your PLANNER is in your backpack and you have all necessary materials to get you to where you need to go that day. For that purpose I created a brand new printable for you all! Here it is below:

I know the shading here is a little dark so here is a better overall image of this printable.

This is an overview class schedule. I use it as a time block and to write the room number of the class in. I used to stick this in front of my binder, especially if I used those regular white binders I could slip this into the front pocket. Then I have an overview of my schedule for the week and I know the room numbers as well. Here is one I made up so you can see how it would look:

of course I also color coordinated mine all the time so that way I could look and easily see what days I had Math on, etc. This is a great tool to use and you can pick yours up HERE.

2) The next step that I feel is really important is to Be Prepared. 
Make sure you know your schedule, and that you have a plan of how to get to class everyday. If this is your first time at your campus grab a map from your schools website and highlight where all your classes are held. This helps to visualize where you need to go and how to get to places efficiently. 
Along with mapping out your classes make sure you have all your books for each class. At my school teachers would post what books you need for class a couple of weeks before the semester started, the Syllabus would then be posted the Friday before the semester started so I could print it off and get prepared for what I wanted to do with the semester. If you aren't going to be purchasing books make sure you have a plan on how you are going to accomplish reading assignments, you don't want to be behind because you didn't prepare your self properly. 

3) Don't expect the first week to be a breeze.
This is very important, most of the time during my first week of college I had quizzes by Friday. You jump right in, and its important to get your mind prepared for that kind of thing. If you are a Freshman it will be a shock when you get to class and realize you have to read 3 chapters in the book by Friday and you have a quiz on the readings. This isn't unusual to happen so prepare your mind that you are just going to jump right in. 

4) Get Involved
Finding new communities at school is so fun. I joined Marching Band when I was at USU and it was a fun way to gain instant friends, even though I wasn't a music major. At UVU I joined flute choir, again just a fun way to play music and meet friends. Find a hobby and join a club, I know my school had intramural sports where you could play sports you enjoyed on co-ed teams against others on campus, it's a really fun way to meet people. Especially if you are a Freshman I highly encourage you to get involved and meet friends. 

Well those are my tips for now. I know I haven't blogged in a while and I am just getting back into the groove of things but I have a few things coming up that I think everyone will really love. 

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