Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekly Catch Up

Well this week has been one wild ride. Zack and I were able to go camping for a little bit, get away and just have fun. I also branched out in my makeup comfort zone and tried an awesome blue eye shadow look.
Here are the pictures from this last week:

Wicked cause I forgot to post pictures last week about the play. These are the jeans I talked about in my plus size style post which you can find here.  I really do like them and they make my legs look extra long. This is also my motivating before picture as I start my workout and diet plan today! More on that of course later. 

All details about my wedding ring. The band is really the most special to me, it means a lot because Zack bought it for me when he had no money and he sacrificed a lot in order to get it for me. The ring itself is gorgeous and is a Green Amethyst. I love it. Its unique yet pretty at the same time, just like me. (That's what Zack told me anyway)

A photo of me and my blue eye shadow. How I achieved this look was I applied ELF smudge pot in "Hit the town" all over my lid. Then on the center part of the lid I added Mercury from Makeup Geek eye shadows. Then as my brow bone highlight and to brighten up the inner corner I added Shimma Shimma from Makeup Geek. For my gloss I used maybelline's color whisper in Bare to Be Bold as my lipstick and on top of that I used Nyx's butter Gloss in Creme Brule. Loved the combo and how it turned out, the blue actually worked out great for my hooded eyes and made my brown eyes really stand out. 

And finally some photos from our camping trip:

It was a fun week but I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home and we are finally going to go see Guardian's of the Galaxy. I seriously can not wait! I am so excited. 

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