Wednesday, August 27, 2014

July Favorites

I know this post is so late as its already the end of August but I am loving all of these products and I just had to talk about them. My August favorites are coming as well. Makeup has become a really fun new hobby for me, especially because my skin type is pretty unique in the makeup world (extremely oily, uneven bumps, scars, and a mix between ivory and fair skin tone) I have been really enjoying finding foundation that works best for me and is budget friendly. For more on that check out this post HERE. I am going to start looking at high end foundations but I don't have all the money in the world on makeup so that will have to come later. 
Anyway lets start with the makeup brushes. First a total surprise for me was how much a difference using brushes makes when applying makeup. Before (in my teenage years) I used my fingers/hands and for oily skin touching your face that much just makes the skin even more oily. Brushes totally changed my life, including the amount of breakouts I was experiencing as a result of using my hands. 
E.L.F. has some great brushes, I have almost all of their studio line brushes and they are my favorite. Out of that line the face complexion brush is my absolute favorite one:

Its so big and I use it everyday to set my foundation with the L'Oreal true match powder, my makeup does last all day but I use a little helpful tool for that (mentioned later on in this post). 

Another brush I love is the tapered blush brush (it might just be called the blush brush, not sure)

This brush comes to a pointed top and fits great underneath my eye to set my concealer. Its a great brush for that purpose as well as applying blush (of course). I highly recommend this one as well. 

The other brush I wanted to mention is the Sonia Kashuk number 109 blending brush:

This brush you guys! It changed the way I apply eye shadow. This blends out the colors perfectly and I have received so many compliments on my makeup since I have started using it. 

Alright lets talk about this beauty next:

The Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer. I love it. I use it everyday, for all my makeup looks. Its the perfect primer, not too oily, doesn't crease, and helps the shadow really stand out on my lid. It also lasts all day.
I noticed I pictured a mascara in my original photo and I talked about this product last month for my June favorites. Its a good mascara though. 

This product has really helped with the overall appearance of my makeup:

This is the Urban Decay de-slick makeup setting spray. Its supposed to be oil controlling so that it doesn't show up throughout your makeup wear. It works. I was skeptical at first but it really does help control oil and it helps make the entire look appear refreshed longer. 

Now onto my favorite part. Eyeshadows:
 First is the E.L.F. Prism eye shadow palette in smokey.

These are actually really bright, and metallic pigmentation. I wasn't expecting that as most of the E.L.F. eye shadows I have tried weren't very good. I actually like this one for deepening up an eye look and making it more vibrant. 

Next is my favorite Naked makeup palette. The Urban Decay Naked 3:

I love the rose gold look of this palette. I especially like it because I have pink undertones in my skin so it works really well with my complexion, it brings out my brown eyes in such a way that I could never go wrong when using this palette. I highly recommend that you get one of the Naked palettes. I have all three and they are all great. 

My favorite eye shadows of all time:

Makeup Geek eye shadows! They are amazing. So worth the money and they are (in my opinion) better than MAC eye shadows. I actually just got two more colors so now my palette is full and I love it. This is a Z palette I bought on Amazon which is magnetic and the pans don't fall out. Its really compact and I could easily travel with this for a quick weekend getaway and have the ability to create versatile looks. 
I highly recommend you check out makeup geek and their products, they are great. 
Well there you have it. 
What are some of your favorites? I would love to hear about them! 

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