Thursday, August 7, 2014

More College Binder Ideas

I have had a lot of people check out this post lately on How to Organize Your College Binder. Makes sense because most colleges start in about three weeks so I can see why a lot of people are looking for ideas on how to organize/how to get started with organizing for school. I loved college, it was so fun and I learned so much. I am relieved I don't have to go back this fall since I recently graduated but I am so grateful for the experience I had while going.
Because of the influx of traffic to that post a lot of people were wondering about the class overview printable I mentioned. Well folks, here it is:

(to download this printable click HERE)

I really used this printable. Especially the class mates info. It was nice to have some place to put down numbers for group projects, etc. I hate group work, if I ever taught college I would not do group work, although I understand it gives some good experience for when you are working in the corporate world on an assignment with a team. 
Anyway I also used a class schedule overview, this is one sheet and can be put in front of a bigger binder used to carry info for all of your classes. It has information to put in such as room number (who doesn't need this on the first day of class), office hours for your professors, etc. 

I would use this in front of my binder and I would add the text book on the class line, that way I knew what was needed for what. To get the class schedule overview printable click HERE.

Well that's it for some more back to school organizing tips. I will be posting more organizing tips as the weeks roll on. I know I have had a major commitment issue with this blog but I feel that I am getting back into the groove of things and I really do love sharing my thoughts and ideas with all of you. 
If any of you have questions or want me to talk about something specific please leave a comment and I will do a post about it. 
Thanks so much guys. 


  1. Do you have any of the other printables available? Something like the important dates and/or the class title page. I would love to get my hands on those for this semester if possible! Please and thank you!

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    2. Unfortunately I don't have those printables available. However I can go ahead and work on that and try and get something up for you next week. Thanks for the idea, if you need any other organizing tips let me know.