Thursday, July 10, 2014

Plus Size Style

For those of who know me it comes at no surprise that I am plus sized, you know I fall in the line between a size 14-24. I am also 5'11" so almost 6' tall. Its hard finding clothes and pants and a lot of things that are just long enough for me, especially skinny jeans. I am always having a problem with skinny's. They are usually always too short and end up looking a lot like floods on me. Its pretty ridiculous. Online shopping can be scary for this reason, I never know if it is going to be long enough for me or if I will end up regretting the fact that I bought an expensive pair of jeans online. Last week I decided to take the risk and go ahead and buy a pair I had been eyeing for a while. This pair actually, from ASOS:

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Ridley Super Soft Skinny Jean

The BEST part about ASOS is you can order multiple lengths! That is exactly what I did, and it was perfect. These jeans are also super soft, I wish I had a picture of them on me it would just make it that much better. These were worth every penny I spent because I of course plan on wearing them at least 50 times. 

The other thing that is hard for curvy girls to find is watches. Why is this so difficult? I bought a watch from Feral a year or so ago and that was a terrible experience. It was so small and was very cheaply made. The watch lasted about a week, which made me sad. I then bought another watch from Lane Bryant. This one was awesome, it had a big face on it, was really cute and fit my wrist. Only problem is that the link was weak and broke. When I took it took get it fixed the jeweler didn't have the right type of link to make it look uniform so I had to go buy a new one. 

When I decided to buy these jeans I went ahead and looked at their accessories as well. And low and behold this beauty showed up: 
Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Vintage Style Boyfriend Strap Watch

It was literally the perfect watch for me. I have been wanting one with a gold face in the longest time. I am just so happy that this one is so beautiful and I can wear it with everything. My asos package was on my porch when I got home, it was so fun opening all these items and finally discovering for myself why everyone loved them so much. 

I will take pictures this weekend of me wearing the clothes and will post them on here sometime for you, the jeans are just so flattering on me and I love it so much. 

Well until next time 

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