Monday, July 7, 2014

Naked Basics Tutorial!

Naked Basics Palette
So I actually took a bunch of pictures of this tutorial on myself and only half of them saved on my iPhone so it wasn't going to work out. I think next time I attempt a tutorial I will try using an actual camera. I tried my DSLR but it was really difficult so I think I will go with my good old point and shoot. Hopefully that works. Anyway I decided to go ahead and show you guys a list of links and referrals to some great sites that have awesome tutorials.
This is the one I used for my makeup and generally when I grab the naked basics palette this is my go-to look: Back to Basics with UD.
I love this link because it has 5 really awesome looks to try. 5 tutorials to get a look you will love with UD Naked Basics. 
I also like this graph and would use this look but i haven't tried it yet:

Link to this look HERE its a really good blog to read and has lots of great tips.

And finally here is the finished look on me, I followed the first link above and it turned out pretty well on me.

Also you can kind of see my new hair color, the light was a little more yellowish then I wanted it be so you can't really see the definitions in the colors I am using but it looked really good. 

I am thinking of putting together a style board for Wednesday's post. I recently got a lot of new clothes and jewelry at Maurices, and Asos. I wanted to share that style with you all and how it turned out. 
Well until next time 

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