Saturday, July 5, 2014

June Favorites 2014

Yay!! June Favorites are here. I am excited about this post. I know I said I was going to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I know I failed miserably at that schedule. There is just something about being home alone that throws your schedule off you know. I haven't been keeping my schedule at anything since he has been gone so don't worry, this blog isn't the only thing being neglected and I am going to try my absolute best to keep a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. I also want to start incorporating new beauty posts into my blog since I have been having so much fun with makeup lately. I am going to start with some Naked Basics palette tutorials so hopefully that sparks peoples interests. I am thinking of doing beauty posts on Monday so stay tuned for that.

My June Favorites! I am so excited about a lot of them. First off I want to start with the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I know this palette has been out for about two years and I am way behind on the game for this, but I am in LOVE with this palette. I just got it this month and honestly it exceeded my expectations by far:

Here are the colors. I love using Walk of Shame, Naked 2 and faint for a really good every day look. But I love that you could had crave to your look and get an even smokier eye, if that is what you are going for. Foxy and Walk of Shame are really similar except Foxy is more yellow under tones and Walk of Shame has more pink undertones. My skin has more pink undertones so I think that Walk of Shame is my go to color, in fact I know its my go to color. I just love this palette, its versatile yet compact so you can take it traveling and get a bunch of looks. I would highly recommend this to anybody just getting into makeup and you want to stick to more neutral colors. 

Next thing I want to talk about is this Maybelline color tattoo:

This is in the color "too cool" and it makes a perfect eye shadow base. I think that when you apply a white base before your eye shadow goes on the colors are a lot more vibrant on your skin. This is a perfect one for me because it helps my eye shadows stay on all day long. 

Next I want to talk about this eye correction concealer from Pixi cosmetics:

This acts as a brightening cream for the under eye area and its perfect for me. I get really dark circles under my eyes and this helps make them really blend in more so they aren't as noticeable. I love this and use it along with my maybelline anti age eye concealer:

This stuff is awesome. I use it everyday as my under eye concealer and it really helps hide my dark circles. I got the color in light and I think it could also work as a highlighter as well. 

Next up my first ever MAC product:

Its a blush and the color is called peaches. I love this blush. It looks really good on my skin tone and almost matches my already naturally pink cheeks that I have going for me. This is a great blush that really stands out and I just recently ordered another blush from MAC so I am excited about that. I don't own many MAC products but I can see why people like there stuff. This blush is really pigmented and lasts a long time. I was really impressed. 

My second blush to mention is Hot Mama by The Balm:

I love this color too. Its got a little more shimmer to it then MACs peaches blush has but I find the colors of these two blushes to be very similar. I love products by The Balm and highly recommend them to everyone. 

And last but not least MASCARA:

This is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and I love it. It really helps add volume to my lashes and they stand out a lot when I wear this. Its a great mascara, a little pricey but I really like it a lot. 

So there you have it my June Favorites. What are yours?
Also I got my hair highlighted. I basically went back to blonde for the summer so I am excited about that. Well thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for a tutorial coming up. 

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