Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elf Smudge Pots Review & Swatches

I am excited to do this review. I recently realized that ELF cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) is having a 50% of sale right now on all of their products. Its great, I have already purchased a lot of makeup through this sale and E.L.F. has some amazing products right now and the best part is they are very affordable. Today I wanted to review the smudge pots. I picked up all colors except for one which was pearls of wisdom. This color is a sparkling white shade with a sheer tone finish. I already have the maybelline color tattoo in too cool which I feel would be the exact same color, so I didn't buy that smudge pot. Right now these shades are retailing for $3.00 on Go check out the site, I will be adding a few other products for review as well that I picked up, like the concealer, foundation, lip glosses, blushes and brushes. 

There are 9 smudge pots total on the website and I picked up 8 of them, I'm showing 9 in the picture but that is because I bought two of the color crusin chic. More on why I did that later...

First color: Aint that sweet

This is the lightest shade (besides the white color) and is a shimmery creamy pink shade. I have used this color this week as a base under my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. These shadows are very long lasting. My eye makeup looked great by the end of the day, it hadn't moved at all. So once you apply the colors make sure and work quickly otherwise they will stay put in places you don't want. Here is the swatch:

As you can its very shimmery and I only had to swatch the color once so I think the pigment of this particular shade is really good. 

The Second Color is: Back to Basics

This is a golden creamy color, it really applied pretty well and the swatch turned out great:

Its a pretty brown color and would look as a good base or as a definition color in the outer V of your eye. 

Next color is: Gotta Glow

As you can tell this is a golden shimmery color. It applied a lot lighter then I had expected but you could use this with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, or the Lorac Pro 2 palette as a base for those jewel toned shades. 
Here is the swatch:

The gotta glow color is on the left and it was very creamy compared to the other shades. I forgot the two shades in the middle. 

The one next to Back to basics is called Brownie Points:

This is a very chocolaty rich color, it didn't take any effort to get that deep brown in the swatch. I feel this would add great definition to any of the other shades. 
Here is the actual swatch:

The next color is called Cruisin Chic:
Unfortunately my picture of the pot didn't turn out very good. This is a beautiful color. I have also used Cruisin Chic this week as a base for an eye shadow look when I used the Urban Decay Naked palette. Its a really pretty light bronze color which would pair well with any colors of the same family. Here is the swatch:

Its a very light shade, but really applies beautiful and works as a great base. 

Next Color is Ocean Bound:

Love this color. Its a metallic blue shade and it is very bright. I'm a little nervous to wear it actually (I usually stick to more neutral palettes) but I think it would work great to add some definition. 
Here is the swatch:

It is very blue. I will have to experiment more with this color. I only had to build this color up with two swipes so I feel that it can be worked with pretty easily. 

The next color is Poppin Party:

Unfortunately out of all the colors this was my least favorite. I had to reapply the swatch about 7 times before the color finally built up. At first it applied really muddy and I wasn't as impressed with this as I was with the ocean bound color. 
Here is the swatch:

Its not a bright purple and I thought that originally it would turn out brighter. I could see me using this to help deepen an already dark purple color but other then that I doubt I'll use it much. 

The last color is Hit the Town:

This is a metallic gray color and has a little bit of shimmer/shine to it. Here is the swatch:

It has blue undertones and you can tell in the picture. I think this would work great with a gunmetal smokey eye. I did have to build it up like the purple swatch but the color turned out exactly what I thought it would. 

So there you have it, these are retailing for $3.00 and I think the five lighter colors are totally worth that money. 

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