Monday, June 2, 2014

The Bachelorette

Can we take a moment and talk about this season for a minute? Sure why not.

I really like Andi. She is pretty down to earth, seems like she has a good head on her shoulders and even though she acts (they all do) I think she is taking this pretty seriously, way more seriously than Juan Pablo. I am loving this season. The guys are great. I am totally rooting for Nick, he is adorable and just totally smitten with Andi. I also like Josh, the more I hear of him the more he grows on me, I also like that he stood up for his stereotype and told her there is more to him then he thinks.

So far the drama has been minimal on this season. JJ and Josh confronted Andrew and asked him about the phone number he got at the restaurant last week or sometime previously. I thought that was contrived by the producers, they were probably talking about it to JJ and got him heated up so he would go talk to Josh about it. Apparently there is drama going on with Eric as well tonight, which is what they keep filming as "the most dramatic season ever". Chris Harrison needs new lines, ABC can you work on that?

Finally check out reality steve's site if you want more deets on Andi's season and the official episode by episode breakdown that he gives you.

Last bit of ABC news I want to talk about has to deal with OUAT (Once Upon A Time). My favorite show, although I am kind of mad at the writers for the ending of Season 3. It will be interesting to watch how relationships change, etc as the season  progresses. If you are a Lost fan, the parallels between LOST and OUAT are obvious, and you can tell it was written by the same producers. In LOST they spent forever in certain aspects of the show, like when they found Desmond and the hutch... how many episodes did they have to spend in that hole? Same thing happens on OUAT, especially with Neverland. Neverland went on forever. So two things to talk about with this show that I love.

1. Snow White and Prince Charming are together in real life (Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas). When this happens and some of my favorite TV characters are together in real life I get so happy about it. I don't know why but I just love love!

They are so perfect. I just love it.

2. The last thing I want to talk about is this:

I literally screamed out loud. I can't wait to see what happens in season 4! I hope they bring in Rapunzel at some point, and Merida from Brave. They have so many options to go off of. But I am curious to see who Elsa will be in the TV series and if Anna will be included. I don't know if they would add another rival to Regina, but they could make Elsa more the evil role I believe she was intended to be. So many questions, I can't wait for September when the new season comes out.

I have a goal to post every day this week. So lets hope I keep this goal. Here's to posting on Monday! I am also in the process of redesigning my theme, blog, and even blog name. I feel like this brand I have now isn't really me. I am working on something, by myself no help in the process, so I will let you know how it goes. I want something simple, streamlined and more me. This is turning into a fun hobby and I really enjoy sharing my thoughts online.

Well until next time.


  1. I actually really like this season of Bachelorette too! I like Andi, although at times she makes strange faces haha. I still don't really have a favorite though. I liked Jj but he's kind of goofy. The farmer is sweet but I think he'll be sent home soon. I can't believe Eric was sent home so early! Sad :(

    1. I agree with the faces thing, as if she is trying to be serious but can't pull it off. Yeah It was sad about Eric. I can't wait for the rest of the season, I am on the fence about watching Bachelor Paradise though