Monday, June 23, 2014

Planners 101

So many things are happening in the planner world lately. That is because so many new planners are launching this month so its all the buzz. I am using a couple of different things to stay organized, first off my wallet agenda which is this lovely thing from Kate Spade:

This is the planner. It's awesome! I love it and use it to track my finances. Everyday I write down what I purchase and update my account every day. I keep a running tab of my account so that way I don't miss a bill and I make sure I have enough money when I need it. For me this works great.

The other planner I am using this year is the Erin Condren life planner. I have already mentioned this planner before on the blog and how I used it for college here. I now use it to track everything else in my life. I use it to update blog post topics, date nights, chores, work schedule, family outings, camping trips, vacations, plays etc. Anything that comes up I put it in the planner to keep me organized. I also use it to keep track of when my bills are due. Its a great way to keep me organized. Here is a picture of the cover I bought:

I love the planner, its great and I can't wait until it ships to me. I also bought a kate spade agenda for work so that I can keep track of different things happening there and client problems that come up. Here is what it looks like:

I am really excited for all of these planners. 

To find: (Life Planner) (Kate Spade Agenda)

How do you stay organized for your year?

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