Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bands I listened to in the 90s-2000s

Seriously you are going to want to pin this one, it will bring back good memories!
Lets start out with this album by Britney. I bought this album when I was in 8th grade. I was obsessed with it, I just loved baby one more time and you call me crazy (I don't even know if that was the name of the song). Britney Spears was on of my first celebrity idols, remember this was before she went all crazy. This is a great album, and a really great one for Karaoke. 

Of course we can't talk about 90s bands without referencing Nsync. Best Boy Band Ever. One direction doesn't even stand a chance, they try to be cool but even the backstreet boys couldn't out sing NSYNC (in my opinion) JT of course was my favorite, so cute back then and "innocent"... 

Speaking of backstreet boys... who couldn't love them. Brian was my favorite, those blue eyes drew me in when I was a teenager. I remember daydreaming about him in algebra, and that is probably why I am terrible at math. 

Next on the list B*Witched! Maybe I was the only person who listened to them? I love this album, I have it on my iTunes even, its just got some great memories to it. Of me and my sisters dancing in the backyard making up dances to these songs. Good times. 

Dream! I almost forgot about them. The bottom girl on the right, I used as a model once when I got my hair cut in junior high. Ha ha ha. I remember bringing this cover into the hair stylist wanting the short cut with red and blonde highlights. Ha ha ha, so funny... and the studs on all the shirts that was totally in during the 90s and early 2000s. 

Although this isn't a 90s band, I did listen to the best of the bangles quite often. Walk Like an Egyptian anybody? Just another Maniac Monday? Classics

Dreamstreet! Can't forget them. Sugar Rush and Gotta get the girl were probably some of my favorite, by far. I just was so in love with Dreamstreet in junior high. Head over heels. My notebooks were decorated with lyrics from these guys. So funny. 

Blink 182. Pretty sure I held a boys hand for the first time to this song at classic skating when they did the "couples skate"... can't graduate from Junior High without these guys. 

Honorary Mentions
Linkin Park
Green Day
Pearl Jam
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Killers

Well there you have it. Stay tuned for more great 90s talk. 
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