Friday, April 4, 2014

To Quit my Job or Not? That is the question

Right now I am hating my job. It was good, then my old company got bought out and we transferred to a new floor in draper. Since that time my life has been miserable. Going to work everyday has been awful. I have to drag myself there and then when I am there, I am engulfed in an environment that I don't like. I get belittled at work, texting me things that I am doing wrong and it just isn't working out. I have been debating for a few days now if I should quit my job. I finally decided that yes I am going to.
In the end, no matter how many of my coworkers and friends I have there for me to be miserable all day isn't worth it. Work just has made me so angry lately. Then I come home and I am angry at Zack, which he doesn't deserve. I have been treated horrible lately, when I am the one who stays until 11:00 pm when I don't even have to. For my best interest, it will be better off to quit.
Now I have a few things in the works. I am starting up music lessons again, so if anybody is interested and lives in Utah County, let me know. I have plans for a full time job to start in three weeks and will teach lessons after work. Things are looking up and its going to be great. I love playing the flute and piano and look forward to continue playing and teaching others.

What most people didn't know about me:  I played the flute from 4th grade until 6th grade where I picked up the Clarinet instead. I wanted to play the clarinet so bad but all the spots were filled and I had to wait for what seemed to be years until a spot opened up for me. I'm thankful I had a chance with the flute. It's such a beautiful sound.


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