Thursday, April 17, 2014

Project Photography

I am terrible at taking pictures everyday. I have heard (from many sources) that pictures are the best way to grow your blog. Well this blog of mine hasn't had a lot of pictures because I'm not too good at taking them quite yet. So I have decided to start a project. This project is dedicated to all things photography. I have been thinking about investing in a DSLR camera for the future but before I do I need to show myself that I am committed to growing this blog and taking pictures.
To start it off for the month of April I am going to do an April Photo a Day challenge that I found on Pinterest. There is a bunch of these challenges out there and I just picked the one I thought I would like the best and that would keep me motivated to keep it going.  Here is the challenge I am doing. I think it will be fun to connect and see who else is doing this challenge in the world. 

April Photo Challenge Share your photo via Instagram, Twitter, & FB. Tag photos using the hashtag #connectwithpc and the name of the prompt!

If you want to join in on the fun that would be great too. I am starting tomorrow with my inspiration, first I have to find it, ;). So stay tuned for photos everyday this month as I try to become a photographer. 

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