Friday, April 18, 2014

Motivation/ Inspiration

For my project photography which I talked about here I had to take a photo of what my inspiration/ motivation was today. This is the photo I took for Instagram:
Photo: April photo a day challenge day18 my motivation #graduation #may2 #uvugrad #motivation

Yes that would be my graduation cap and gown! This is the only thing motivating me at this point. Two weeks left! It is so crazy how fast it came, and how fast April went. It's already gone and in two Fridays from now I will be wearing this and receiving my diploma. It's exciting and nerve racking and stressful. The doctor said I had high blood pressure when I went yesterday, go figure right? Who doesn't at this point? 

I need work on my photography skills you guys. I am seriously the worst photographer ever. 

I mean the lighting, location and everything but me is terrible in this photo. I look really cute, so that's good. And got to love that picture on the left! 

And one more of my cute face. Well friends that is my motivation/inspiration for today. Graduation. I can't wait for it to come and of course more pictures will follow. Thanks for reading.

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