Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Thinking> That I should be doing homework instead of blogging
Changing> My job. I've had enough (more on this later maybe... but really I am getting tired of it and fast)
Hoping> I can have some new flute students soon, that would be the best thing in the world.
Loving> Time spent with Zack. These days are busy for us and anytime we get together I consider to be precious moments
Excited> About General Conference this weekend. I need some inspiration.
Reading> After Hello, for book club of course
Happy> That school is almost over. 24 more days folks.
Thankful> For my husband, and that he is willing to go get potatoes at the store at the last minute, even though he really doesn't want to.
Marveling> At the fact that I have kept both my Beta fish alive for over 3 months. It's a new record.
Listening> To "Let It Go" on repeat lately, can't get enough of it
Watching> Survivor, Once Upon A Time, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, Drop Dead Diva, The Office re-runs, maybe The Big Bang Theory
Playing> Frogger on the Nintendo 3ds, hoping I get Yoshi's New Island soon
Liking> My clean closet, and that it has stayed clean
Wanting> A goldendoodle puppy. We are moving in the Fall and I can't wait so I can finally get a puppy
Enjoying> getting my nails done, I haven't been to much of a girly girl when it comes down to it but I really like having nails
Making> Cute pages in my Erin Condren planner, which I still love
Obsessed> With Cheetah print lately, who knew?
First> Time I ever tried Diet Coke was this month. I went 26 years of my life without every trying it before... don't know why
Needing> A Harry Potter movie marathon. Whose with me?
Feeling> Anxious. I want to make sure I pass all my classes this semester, so I get pretty anxious about it
Wishing> I was better with finances, I really am the worst
Needing> A puppy. Can we move yet?
And just for fun:


I really need one don't you think. Good thing I finally got Zack on my side. 

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