Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I feel like Spring is almost here! It makes me so excited and I really can't wait. The weather has been super warm, I mean for Utah and I guess the rest of the country since everyone back east is still having ice storms. Some days it has been 60 degrees, it has been so lovely. Next week is Spring Break and although I have a busy workload so I don't drown in school work come April, I will still be trying to have some fun. We were going to go to St. George, but since we were just down there I think we will stay at home. I want to get out and see some things, explore,  and possibly go on a couple of hikes. Hikes are great this time of year and beautiful.
A few things changed at my job, I'm still doing the same thing I just got switched to another floor along with the majority of the sales guys at my old floor. That has been fun, work is closer to home now so I like that.
Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor is almost over, thank goodness. I have only watched a few episodes but after a while I got so bored with him. He was a little all over the place this season and I didn't understand how he came up with the "rules" that he did.  I am glad it's almost over and The Bachelorette will be on soon.
Also ABC released the cast list for Dancing With The Stars. I cannot wait to see Drew Carey on the show. That is going to be epic, and I most likely will talk about it a few times here on the good old blog. ;)
I have a few projects I am working on, including re-decorating our laundry room, organizing our master bedroom closet, and re-vamping my home office. They are all in the making, so it might take a while to actually get them posted and up and running on the blog.
I know posting has been all over the place lately, I swear once school is out I will have a normal posting schedule (maybe)...
Happy Hump Day

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