Sunday, March 16, 2014

Simple Closet Organization

I have had this post in my draft section of my blog for a while now. I just needed to get my act together and actually organize my closet. I didn't have the motivation, I knew that it needed to be done and my sanity would be saved. Before now my closet was so unorganized and chaotic. I was trying a bunch of different methods and none of it was working. So I took some before pictures so you can empathize with me, and then I pulled everything out of my closet.
My goal was to reorganize it with supplies I already had in my home. I don't have the money to go out and buy new organizing bins or materials so I wanted to just use supplies already in my closet. I also started this project at 7:45 PM at night. A little late so I had to do it rather quickly and make it simple yet functional.
Here are the before pictures:

Those towels. Toppling over like that,not working at all. That box in the corner, I have no idea what is in that and why I am keeping that. Two empty bins on the shelf's? Why wasn't I using that? Definitely needed to be reorganized. 

My husbands shoes everywhere, my shoes everywhere. 

Don't even know where that towel on the ground came from. My shoes over flowing from the bins, a bag on the ground. 

Sheets just bundled in the shelf, not even folded. Pillows taking up valued space. Too many tennis shoes, I didn't need all those pairs. 

A lone shirt on the top shelf, what is in those bins? I have no idea. 

Bags/ purses/scarves/ belts. Empty hangers everywhere

The full effect. BEFORE the organization process. 

I since emptied the closet, went through all the bins and purged through a bunch of stuff. I had three trash bags of stuff to throw away. THREE. That is a ton of stuff, glad I got rid of it. I also donated one bag so that felt good.
Next came my favorite part. Putting everything back into the closet. 

I started with my boots. Matching them up, I need to find some old magazines to put in so that I can keep the top from flopping over. 

The shelves are already better. I keep my jeans that I wear the most folded on the top shelf as well as some of my pencil skirts. I then put shoes on the shelves. The blazers I wear the most often are on the right. 

In the crates are my hats and belts and scarves. The shoes look much better and who doesn't love a great polka dot bag. 

I moved the pillows up to the top shelf and one day I will get that pig out and use it. I know the comforter looks messy, I will fix that later. 

Husbands corner. Ha ha. I love how he just gets a corner. 

I filled the empty bins with the linens. Our apartment doesn't have room for a linen closet so I turned the storage bins into my linen closet. I need to get some cute labels for them. I keep the towels we use the most on top so they are easily accessible. 

I put my husbands shoes in the bins, I think he doesn't really care. I just like them corralled in one place. I put his work boots on the top because he uses those the most. 

And the top shelf. My workout clothes are in the space, makes it easier to find and some miscellaneous items are in that crate. 

Although this organizing project wasn't really that much of a difference I feel so much better about our closet and in the end that is what matters right. 



  1. Awesome! We had a relief society activity on Sunday about organizational tips and so I have a big organizing and spring cleaning itch now! Hopefully I'll get the energy soon to get off the computer and actually do it! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. That sounds like a fun lesson! We never talk about stuff like that in Church. I wish. Of course I am in primary so I don't know what goes on in Relief Society really.