Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Dating History> Mostly for my own sake

Summer Love, happened so fast...
My first love. I was 16. I was working at a scout camp (story of my life) and met the cutest boy. He had glasses, was kind of a dork but kind of loved me all the same. We would play footsies under the table at meal times. We sat next to each other at every meeting. He was the best. We played in the forest all summer just us and it was so fun. Summer ended, and so did we. It was good while it lasted. 

Freshman movie night... 
My next love. I was 19 and just about to finish my first year up at Utah State University. That year was full of drama, somehow all the girls from my floor/dorm that year and I have managed to be Facebook friends. Even after we were horrible to each other. By March I was pretty sick of that scene and wanted to branch out more. This was in 2007. I went to FHE and met a cute boy. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He was a twin and I couldn't tell him apart from his brother. But eventually I got the hang of it. One night a group was watching Arachnophobia in the dorm room and I joined. He was there. He saved me a seat next to him, I sat down and "pretended to be scared" of the movie. I mean the spiders looked so fake that it wasn't that scary by the end, I just hate pop outs. By the end of the movie he put his arm around me. I was thrilled. Then he IM me over yahoo messenger and asked me out that week. We went out for a month. Then the semester ended, and so did we. Long distance relationships never worked. We went on one date when I got home from my mission, sparks just weren't there for us anymore. 

Summer Love, happened so fast...
Again, I was at scout camp. This time I was 19. My friend from Freshman year convinced me to come work at her Scout Camp. I went, her best guy friend was there too. We started dating (the guy and I) and it was mostly a relationship formed out of convenience. He was my first kiss. He left on a mission and I wrote to him for about 6 months. Then we ended. Now that friend of mine married him, they have a cute baby who I love and another one on the way. We are still really close friends, which makes me happy. 

This one time, at Band Camp...
I was in marching band at Utah State. Here's proof:

Ha Ha Ha. I loved it. 
There was this guy, a trombone player. He hung out with all my friends and I. He kissed one of my friends one night in the spring time, she freaked out sort of. Then he started seeing me. I left on my mission a couple of weeks later. He said he would write to me, that lasted a month. He started dating my best friend at the time. They got engaged three months after that and married three months later. Nobody told me about it. I was on my mission expecting a letter in the mail and never got one. I then checked Facebook one day at the Library (bad idea) and found out they were married. That was fun. 

This picture was taken after I found out they were married. Luckily I was happy. On the mission and having a blast. Love all these Elders. They were great, and so good to me. Even when I started crying randomly for no good reason. 

Spring Time fling...
When I got home from my mission I met a guy at school. We dated for six weeks. He got way to physical way to fast and I just said whoa and backed out of that relationship. Good thing too. 

Do you want to build a snowman....
After I went through a horrible summer, I started work at a call center. Met some awesome people who I am still friends with. One day our boss hired a couple of people. On training day this one guy with glasses (I have a thing for glasses, apparently) sat next to me. My friend said to him, don't trust her (speaking of me) she's crazy... That lasted a week. I instant messaged this guy and we became friends. He was kind of dorky, talking about monsters in alley ways while taking out the garbage and other things I had no idea about. I kind of liked him, a lot. My friend convinced me to ask him out, so I did. That date lasted a long time. We didn't want it to end, so we made sure it never would. I have been dating him ever sense. 

Glad I can still put a smile on that cute face. 

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