Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flight 370

I have become obsessed with this missing plane. I don't know why but I am just so fascinated that in the year 2014 a flight is completely missing. Read this article here if you don't know what I am talking about. The latest news is that some information was put into a computer just before the jet turned around off course. Read that article here.
I think I have been so fascinated with the whole thing because I feel like LOST is being played out in real life:

It doesn't help that I am re-watching all the seasons and I just finished the third season.
I have so many questions about the whole plane as I am sure the rest of the world does. For instance didn't the passengers have cell phones? And if they did why didn't they use them? And since we haven't heard from them does this mean that they are being held captive? I don't know.
I have been following the news on the fight wondering what could possibly become of all these people.
Some people have suggested using the apple id and track the phones to see if we can find the plane. Also I don't know why I am clumping myself with the search committee when I clearly am not doing anything to help them except reading every new article published about the plane.
It's so interesting to me. It is interesting to watch how the world is coming together to find the plane. 25 countries are currently helping the search committee.
I don't have any opinions on what happened to the plane. I think that a lot of speculations are happening and unfortunately we don't have enough details. I am praying and hoping for the passengers aboard that they will be safe. What a scary thought, aboard a plane and all of a sudden its not going where you thought it would and you have no control over changing that. So I hope that everyone will be safe and things will be okay.
What do you think about this news story?

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