Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why We Work

One of the blogs I regularly follow is doing a link up either tomorrow or Friday titled Why We Work. Explaining why they work as a couple and giving advice for fellow bloggers on their relationships. I decided to post my "Why We Work" page now because Zack and I are headed to St. George Friday for a little vacation getaway. I really need it, so I am looking forward to sun, hiking and some good food.

This photo describes our relationship perfectly! Not even joking. Zack is always doing crazy things and I am just calm and happy and content with it. This makes me laugh. Here's another one:

Again with the faces! He is always making faces, its hilarious. 

Why we work:
1. Communication: This is a big deal! Seriously. When we were first married I was always getting mad at Zack because he never understood exactly what I wanted. It would make me really angry. Finally I learned how to Communicate better. I learned to describe to him, in exact detail what I needed him to do. He would do it following my instructions and there was no more arguments. If I want him to bring home flowers I will tell him, hey you should bring home flowers some day this week. And he does it! Sometimes I don't want to have to tell him every little thing, but when I do, I am happy and he is happy. No guessing games over here at our house, and that has really been a big life saver for us. 

2. Down Time. Just as important as communication every one needs there downtime. That time when you come home from work/school at the end of a long day and all you want to do is watch an episode of the office or read your current Nora Roberts novel. I have come to the realization that both of us need that downtime, so I set aside the time where I don't nag Zack about anything, let him do his thing for an hour and then at dinner time and beyond get the chores done. It has made the biggest difference in the world. 

3. Pray for the other person. I know this probably seems obvious, but I have never been good at saying personal prayers and we aren't good at saying couples prayers. We always say a prayer over dinner and Zack always mentions me in his prayer. Every time I hear him pray for me, out loud, it makes me feel like he truly does care and want the best for me. 

4. Have hobbies together. Its great to do things separately and to have your own hobby that your husband or spouse or partner doesn't do but you also need hobbies together. Zack and I both love Nintendo games so we both have a 3DS and sometimes we will sit and play games together for an hour. Its fun, I will pass him my gaming console when I can't beat a level (happens all the time) and he completes it for me. We also love movies so we are always looking out for new movies to watch and play those together. 

5. Listen. Just like communication, listening is a key part in making our marriage work. I love it when Zack listens to me and shows signs that he is. He loves it when I listen to him and do things for him he needed done. Listening is a big part of a relationship and that phrase that goes "God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason" is very true when it comes to understanding your partner. 

Well there you have it, some of the reasons why Zack and I work together as a couple. I love our marriage and our relationship. He truly is my best friend and he always puts a smile on my face everyday. 
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  1. Just found your blog through the link-up and loved this! You and Zack make a great couple :)

    1. Thanks so much! I only looked through half of the link up. I need to look through more. Thanks for reading :)