Thursday, February 20, 2014


The middle of the semester is the worst! Seriously. I am dying over here. Midterms have just hit and luckily I am done for the time being. I still have three papers I have to write before the end of the semester, and a bunch of other things to do. It is busy. Which is why I haven't been blogging lately.
We went to Zions over the three day weekend and it was lovely. 75 degrees lovely to be exact. I wasn't looking forward to coming home, especially because I had to leave Zack down in St. George for the week. He is working on the LDS temple there for his job. I had a test this morning which I am almost positive I messed up on, so I have that score to look forward to now.
I am in the middle of decorating my apartment. I am trying really hard to make it look less newly wed and more us. Well more me. Zack really doesn't care what it looks like, as long as I am happy. He is awesome that way.
Well I am ditching my 1:00 class as I am writing this blog post so now you really know what kind of a week it has been.
Right now all I really want to do is drive down south somewhere and I find some Petroglyphs and take cool pictures. I can't wait for April to come.

Okay I know, I am a nerd when it comes to ancient Indians and not everyone is as into this stuff as I am. But check out the guy on the right in the picture right above us. Notice how they add a feature so us archaeologists can tell that it is a man? Ha ha ha, I think they had a sense of humor. Maybe? Who knows. 
All pictures come from Nine Mile Canyon near Price, Utah. Check it out sometime. They have lots of neat stuff down that way. 

I will post more about my living room decorating adventure when it is finished. I will be heading to IKEA today to pick up a few items to help it along the way. IKEA stresses me out sometimes so I only go when I have specific things in mind and can be in and out super quick. Hopefully I can do that today. Until next time. 


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