Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keeping Facebook out of your relationship

I have noticed that a lot of people post really intimate things on Facebook. Stuff that people really don't need to know about. I have seen it happen a lot between friends who are talking about their boyfriends, or husbands, or whatever else on Facebook. This seems so odd to me.
I just like to keep social media out of my relationship. Zack and I don't really post on social media that much (besides this blog) and when I do I am always rooting for Zack, writing about how awesome he is. I just don't see how posting something negative on Facebook is going to help your situation. In my experience it tends to make things a lot worse. Looking back I wish I had kept Facebook guessing as to what was happening with Zack and I. When I had my first pregnancy we announced it on Facebook, a week later I miscarried. That was the WORST experience I have ever had. I had to take back what I said on Facebook, realizing that the only way I could take that back was by saying I had lost the baby. Reliving that awful experience online, in social media, was just awful. 
I have learned my lesson. I am going to keep Facebook out of it. When I get pregnant (in the future) I probably wont even put it online (the blog or Facebook) until I know what gender the baby is. That first experience was so horrible I don't want to risk that happening again. If Zack and I argue I don't announce it on Facebook just to get validation that I think my opinion is right. I have seen people do this and I feel that is not the way to go about a discussion in your personal life. Zack travels a lot, and when he is gone I never put that on Facebook, I'm too afraid of people coming and robbing my house or something, I will usually post that he is home and how happy I am to have him with me, because I truly am happy. When he is traveling it is no fun, being home alone all the time, sleeping in an empty bed. Its just not enjoyable. 
So my advice for everyone, just leave Facebook out of everything. 

This is what its all about! I love that man of mine!

Have a great week. I have finally got my living room coming together so I will do a post on it soon. 

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