Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frozen Hidden Agendas

I have recently come across a "Hot Topic" that I found on Facebook in regards to Frozen and its Hidden Agenda. I couldn't just let it sit there, I had to post about it. It bugged me to much. First read this article here it might make you crazy. I read two paragraphs and came to the conclusion that the lady is probably insane, I don't know her personally so I can't make that judgement but I couldn't read anymore. Then read this article here. Finally read the BEST article on the whole topic here.
My opinions:
Frozen is most likely not promoting secret agendas about Gay marriage/ homosexuality in general. 
No wonder people think Mormon's are nuts. I mean really, that doesn't really help anyone making conclusions on something in that nature and being so hysterical about it. 
I am Mormon. I LOVE FROZEN. 
When I first watched the movie I felt so empowered. I immediately thought about my own relationship with my 4 sisters. How each one is different and unique, but I would do what Anna did in the movie for Elsa, for anyone of them. I also related directly to Elsa. All my life I felt imprisoned. Not because I have secret powers (I totally wish I did) but because I related it to my depression. I could see myself and the point when I came to "Let it Go" and release the feelings of depression and doubt. Now, I have chronic depression, which means its not going away with me simply deciding one day to "Let it Go". I will always have depression, my brain chemicals just don't match up. It is what it is. I can still make a decision everyday on how I react to situations, and I can choose to be happy, although its a hard choice. Watching Elsa and her struggle in the movie, brought me back to my own feelings of struggling and self-doubt. Anna not turning away from her made me think of my family and how they did the same for me. Anna's act of love reminded me of my husband, and the incredible sacrifices that he has made to help me with my mental illness. 
After watching Frozen I was reminded of the things that are important in life, building strong relationships, that some people are "worth melting for" and that love can warm our souls and our cities and our hearts. I am sad that people in my faith are saying that the movie is against their teachings and values when I see the complete opposite. I guess that is how life works, everyone has their own opinions. 
I want to point out that not all Mormon's agree with the hidden agendas some LDS members are throwing out there. In fact I would say that most of them probably see what I see, love, friendship, family, self-awareness, trust, and strong relationships. 
I am proud to Mormon. I will buy Frozen when it comes out on Blu-Ray.
I understand that people have their own thoughts about it, and I respect that. I just wanted to share mine.

PS watch this awesome video HERE! I love the Piano Guys. 


  1. I agree completely. And I loved that video-thanks for sharing. I'm a huge fan and was hoping to get tickets to their show near me next month but I waited too late to get tickets. So bummed!

    1. Bummer! I took my husband when they performed in sandy and it was awesome. The piano guys are so cool.