Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All you need is LOVE

The Beatles taught me this lesson when I first started listening to music. When I was younger my sister and I loved the Beatles. We had their top 20 hits album and All You Need Is Love is one of my favorites. Valentine's Day is on Friday and it got me thinking about love, friendship, marriage, family, etc. Basically all the things one associates with when you think about February 14.

This picture is super granulated I know! It was taken on my iPhone and doesn't do well when it gets blown up. Keeping the love going in your marriage can be a hard thing. I did not honestly think it was possible that I could love Zack more than I did the day I married him, and yet somehow I do. Marrying Zack was the best thing I could have ever done for myself, he has been there for me through countless ups and downs. He has helped me with so many hard things in life and has been my constant rock.
When we first were married my mom gave me a book: The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura. At first I would get mad at the book thinking that I should be the center of attention not Zack. Dr. Laura's method states that if you take care of your man he will take care of you without being asked. This is so true. The days I clean the house are the days Zack is more willing to do chores. When I show him love by making his dinner or lunch, he randomly brings me flowers or other gifts. I have learned to be more relaxed about video games, and other things and he gives me more time to do what I love. In the end, when Zack is the center of attention I also become the center of attention. Win Win! I highly recommend that you read her book, it really helped me navigate our first few months of marriage together. I didn't really know what was normal for a marriage but reading her book helped me feel that I was doing alright.
Marriage is a wonderful adventure. And after all these years I am glad that the Beatles can still teach me some life lessons along the way.

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