Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why I like the bachelor...

Most of the time I really don't know why I like this show. Seriously. I watch it and I just think, its so fake, I mean really why am I wasting an hour of my time watching it. But I watch it anyway and I figured out, finally, why I like it so much.
Also it really is fake, if you keep up on bachelor media outside of the show both Lauren H and Kylie (the one who thought her name was being called when it was really Kat) spoke out about how the producers manipulated them and in Lauren's case, edited the conversation to the point that it wasn't what had really happened at all. You can listen to what their comments were and then some back story from Jason and Molly Mesnick (former bachelor and his wife) on this podcast. It is really interesting information. Also you can read reality steve's blog. He comments every week on the bachelor and gives spoilers for the whole season (so yes I already know who Juan Pablo picks in the end). Only go to his site if you want extra details on the bachelor, if you want to keep who JP picks in the end a surprise then don't go to that link. I have warned you.
The reasons why I like the bachelor:

1) The dates. Although the dates are extremely outlandish and something that normal people wouldn't be able to afford (in most cases), I think they are fun and usually give me ideas on what to do with my husband. For instance Clare's 1 on 1 date in the first episode is a date that can easily be accomplished in Utah. Sledding and then hot tubing, with a romantic dinner. Easy to do, if you can find a hot tub. Zack and I don't really do a whole lot when it comes to dates so its fun to watch the show and get ideas. Kat's 1 on 1 date from that episode is also something we can do, they did the electric run at Thanksgiving Point. Zack and I met at Thanksgiving Point so it would be sentimental to have a date there. Some of the dates, like bungee jumping off a bridge, or building is something I would never do so recreating those dates in our love life is out of the question. I think it is fun to get out of the apartment every once and a while and go on a real date with Zack, we love adventure and trying new things so the bachelor gives me lots of ideas to try.

2) The process. Most people think its ridiculous to fall in love in twelve weeks and get engaged at the end of it but Zack and I did it and I know plenty of people who have been engaged in an even shorter amount of time. In the right circumstances and setting you could easily fall in love and find the person you want to marry in just 12 weeks. Zack and I started dating in November, by January 21 (yesterday was our two year anniversary of when he proposed) he popped the question. On April 27th we were married. It worked out great for us, and I'm not saying it will work out this way for everyone, but I believe it could work.

3) Bachelor couples. I love following the couples who actually made it from the show. Jason and Molly, Ashley and JP, Sean and Catherine, Des and Chris, Trista and Ryan. I just love following all of them and their success as couples. Sometimes the show works, you never know what can happen.

4) The girls. I like to follow the girls after the bachelor. This is where you can really tell what is going on with the show and that most of them are just there for the tv spotlight. I also still can't believe that we are getting girls who are crying over the process, after 25 seasons you would think these girls know what they are getting themselves into by now. Every season we have someone complain about the process saying its so hard, and I don't think I can do this. Really they should know what is going to happen and they should prepare themselves before they head out.

Well there you have it, the reasons that I still like to watch The Bachelor. Even though I know its fake, and manipulated I think that it can still work, and I hope Juan Pablo and find the girl he is looking for. Unfortunately, in my opinion, I believe he is only there for the spotlight and will most likely break up with the girl he chooses quickly after the show airs. Hopefully I am wrong, we shall see.
Anyway, hope you had fun watching the bachelor last night and will tune in for Sean and Catherine's wedding on Sunday. Should be good entertainment. Happy Juanuary...


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