Monday, December 16, 2013

Finals Week

I kind of love finals week. Not that I love taking tests but I love the feeling of accomplishment. Finals week definitely brings me a sense of accomplishment. I passed my hardest class yet, which is the best news I received today. I have one more test tomorrow and a paper due Friday. I am not done yet but I already have the feelings of accomplishment sinking in and I am proud of the work I did this semester.
It was a busy one for me with 15 credits, but it needed to be done. Next semester is my last and it is only 12 credits, so a much easier work load and only one of those classes is actually required for graduation in April. The rest I am taking just as electives and for fun.
It feels so surreal to be this close to the end. I honestly am having a hard time believing it because it has taken me so long to get to this point. I graduated high school in 2006, so to think that it would take me 7 years until I graduated with my bachelors degree is so odd. Of course I served a mission in 2009 and was gone for 18 months. That gave me a little bit of a break. Overall it took me 10 semesters to finish my bachelors degree, 5 years which is average for most undergraduate students.
There were so many times I wanted to quit, let me tell you. I always had a job during school, whether it was full time or part time I was always working and paying my way through college. The last few semesters I was able to qualify for grants and have the government pay for tuition which was so nice. I remember having some of the hardest classes and toughest teachers. I have met some wonderful people who have helped me stay on track to graduate and I can't wait to have a big graduation party with all of them. I am just so grateful that I have gotten to this point in life and although it's not the end yet, I can feel the end coming near and it's exciting to see that happening.
I am so grateful for Zack, he's such a wonderful husband and I could not have accomplished all of this without him. He is working full time to pay most of the bills so I could finish my degree, he has sacrificed a lot for this and I am grateful he loves me enough to want to see me successful. Now that I am done with my toughest class of the semester, I feel like I can relax and focus on some upcoming projects I have in mind. I need to clean out our study closet (it's a huge mess, just wait until you see the before pictures, they are awful), clean off my desk and organize it better, organize the study room in general, and organize my closet. I have a lot of things I have to get done in the three weeks of Christmas break and I am excited to get started on all the projects.
With that being said, have a happy finals week this week. I will post more later this week.

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