Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas parties and a family tradition

Zack and I have so many parties tomorrow and the next week. It is so fun having our family close by so we can go to all of them. Tomorrow we are hanging out with the Sweets, then we have the Keith party then we have my work Christmas party which is at Christopher's in Salt Lake City. I am really excited for the work party because Christopher's is a five star restaurant and I have heard the food is amazing. I ordered Salmon which I am excited to try, I love Salmon.
I am excited to be celebrating Christmas with my husband. We have some fun traditions we have started between us two that I will post about next week. One of the traditions we have is going to see the lights at thanksgiving point. We met at thanksgiving point so it brings back lots of memories of dating, falling in love and getting engaged. The lights are so pretty and its fun to drive through them with my hubby at my side.
Here are some pictures of the lights they have up:

The lights are really fun so if you are looking for a new family tradition I would definitely recommend going to Thanksgiving point. It's $8.00 per car.
Well until next time. Happy Friday

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