Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Games

Zack and I have some fun news (no we aren't pregnant). We just got an assignment in our church to teach the 9 turning 10 year olds. We are really excited for this opportunity and think that it will be a lot of fun. Of course teaching 9 year olds for 60 minutes is a lot to take on. Their attention spans don't last that long so I am coming up with some creative outlets to use during class. Keep in mind it is church so I want to keep it focused on the Savior. For a fun Christmas activity we thought this game would be great to get their minds rolling. 

Can you guess the  Christmas songs from the pictures? I remember doing this in school.

Can you guess some of the answers? 

Or I thought that LDS Christmas bingo might be fun:

My Heart & Home's Christmas LDS Bingo Game

And I could never forget some good LDS Christmas coloring work sheets. 

LDS Games - Color Time - Christmas

These are just a few of the ideas I saw on Pinterest that I thought I could use with the kids in our class, maybe as an activity before the spiritual lesson, etc. 
Hopefully they will like it and if you have a few Christmas parties coming up you can use these ideas for your families and friends. 
Now its back to studying for finals. I have one paper, and two tests to go and then I am done for the year. Very exciting stuff. 

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