Friday, December 6, 2013

7 tips to get you through finals week

Everyone knows that navigating through finals week is really stressful. It can be an overwhelming time for everybody. Learning useful tips to help you get through it a little smoother is always appreciated and helpful.
So here are some tips as I enter my last semester of college I have finally figured out how to survive finals. 

1. Back up all your files! I can't stress this is enough. I am a little crazy when it comes to this step. I have had some bad experiences in the past with loosing work before its due and starting completely over. This is never good during the month of December. I back up all my files at least three times. If it is a really important assignment (for example: I have a research paper due in a few weeks worth 100 points) then I back it up four times. 
My number one way to back up files is on a flash drive. Its nice and convenient. I put every assignment from the semester on it, that way I always have it on my person as I go to class each day. The bad part is that the flash drive can be easily lost, this is why I don't rely on it for everything.
The second way I back up files is on my desktop. Of course I save it on my computer but I put the folder on my desktop in case I need to call my husband and have him send me an assignment, its in a place that is easy to find. 
The third way is that I email the assignment to myself that night before, again just in case. I know this seems like a lot of work but honestly its better to be safe then sorry. 

2. Clean your house the last weekend of November. Zack helped me clean and it has been so nice to have everything nice and organized when I get home. I haven't had to stress about a messy bathroom, or vacuuming. Of course I still have to do the dishes and laundry but that is a lot easier to do when everything else is already cleaned. We even cleaned out the fridge before December. Having a clean house helps me to study better so if you live with roommates see if you can all get together and clean up your apartment. Everyone will feel a lot better. 

3. Get a planner! This is so helpful. Get something you like whether its colorful, lots of room to write, etc. Mine comes from Jennifer over at I Heart Organizing. Its great and has a ton of room. At the beginning of the semester I get the syllabus from every class and fill out the calendar. Writing down every assignment helps me see when the due dates are and I can plan ahead. Time management is a huge thing when it comes to finals week and a planner helps to see what your priorities are. 

4. Find a favorite place to study. My favorite place is in my kitchen on the dining table. It is huge (thanks to my in-laws for donating it to us) and has enough room for me to spread out all my paperwork. I always take up a lot of room when I study so its important to have a big table. If you like the library that is great, I have never been able to study at the library but  a lot of people can get more work done there then at home. Wherever it is make sure you feel comfortable enough that you can stay a while and get some long studying hours in. 

5. Take a lot of breaks: Sometimes I use laundry and dishes as an excuse to get up and move around. While the laundry is going I study for an hour then have a 10 minute break to switch the loads. I also like to watch my favorite shows, whether that's catching up on current episodes or watching re-runs of the office. I usually pick the office when I need a laugh, cause it always makes me laugh out loud. Just remember to take breaks. 

6. Eat food during those breaks: make sure and take your food with you to your study area. Its important to keep hydrated and your belly full. 

7. Ask for help. Professors love it when you have questions. Really they do! My professors are always grateful when I ask them about assignments. Whenever I am stuck on a paragraph for a paper I will email it to them and they will help me go over it. Its great to get their feedback and boost my grade. If you can't ask professors ask your classmates. Someone in class might have the same question and already have the answer. Also work on assignments together, its helpful to get someone else's opinion on your work. 

Well those are my tips. Hopefully one of them is helpful to you. Enjoy this time, I know I am because next semester is my last, three more weeks and then I am done. Woo Hoo. So excited. 


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